Let TM CDN bring you closer to the market and extend your content delivery across ASEAN through our extensive coverage. We enable acceleration, reduce downtime and latency, enhance security with superior content delivery to provide a high-quality digital experience and more to your customers. Consumers will get to experience the best when you choose to partner with TM CDN.

With CDN vs without CDN comparison

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We provide superior content delivery with reduced downtime, accelerated web speed, enhanced security and more, making TM CDN your ideal gateway to ASEAN.

Web Acceleration

Seamless experience through distributed network servers around the globe.

Responsive website regardless of traffic volume.

Large File Download

Large files distribution and downloads.

Fast, secure and reliable downloads across the world.

Video on Demand

High definition streaming of file-based video or audio online.

Leveraging TM CDN digital asset management

Live Streaming

Fully equipped for live streaming of events over the internet

Scale to cope with large audiences

TM CDN solutions

A holistic content and digital media ecosystem providing a network that offers fast delivery to Internet content.

A cloud-based content delivery platform that provides direct connection from the content source to the end user.​

Infra downstream access to the edge of the operator’s network.

A platform that computes facilities that is closest to the end user and provide real-time data processing.

An aggregation of on-demand e-sports and cloud gaming services.​

Edge Gaming Consumer Report

Check out exclusive latest insight on gaming industry in Southeast Asia.

Edge Gaming Solution Brief

Find out how TM Edge Gaming can help provide a high quality, ultra-low latency, and powerful gaming experience to your customers

TM CDN Infobrief

Find out how TM Global can help you grow your business with uninterrupted global connectivity.

TM CDN e-Book

Find out how TM Global can help you grow your business with uninterrupted global connectivity.

TM CDN Infographic

Find out how TM Global can help you grow your business with uninterrupted global connectivity.

Extensive coverage in Southeast asia

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